A Good Cause Eviction ordinance is common sense.

Good Cause Eviction would protect tenants from no-fault evictions, empowering tenants to demand better, safer living conditions without fear of retaliation.

This ordinance is designed to take on the corporate landlords that are buying up homes in our communities. It would reward good actors and discourage bad ones from participating.

We are facing an eviction crisis here in Syracuse:


people in Syracuse experience homelessness on any given night


households in Syracuse have been at risk of eviction during the pandemic


households in Onondaga County are behind on rent

Tenants across Syracuse experience substandard and unsafe housing conditions, from lead exposure to a lack of heat and electricity: read more here.

Sources for above stats: 1) National Alliance to End Homelessness; 2) housing-data-coalition.github.io/rtc-eviction-viz/; 3) The National Equity Atlas

Ready to fight for housing justice here in Syracuse? Join us! We’re a coalition of tenants and organizers working to ensure everyone in our community has access to safe, dignified housing.

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Let’s work together to fight for guaranteed safe, quality housing for all!

Above: Tenants organizing at McCarthy Manor meet to discuss next steps.